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Book Review – Grace is Greater by Kyle Idleman

March 22, 2017

Kyle Idleman understands your question: “Do we really need another book about grace?” Rather than explain the concept theologically, he sets forth to write an easy-to-read book telling about the experience of grace. With his sharp wit (including a bit of sarcasm) and succinct writing, he accomplishes this goal and has the reader laughing one moment and then near tears the next as stories of grace unfold. In explaining the book’s origin, Idleman practically and pastorally accepts the challenge of Hebrews 12:15. Not afraid of some self-deprecating humor, his honesty about the struggles we all face to forgive are equally challenging.

If you are looking for a theological treatise on grace, go elsewhere. Yet when Max Lucado (author of Grace) recommends a book on grace, its probably worth considering. Kyle Idleman’s Grace is Greater is worthwhile reading for any person, whether someone seeking to understand this new idea or a mature believer looking to sharper their faith.

Note: This book was provided to the reviewer free of charge by Baker Books for an unbiased blog review.

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