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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017 – My picks

April 13, 2017

Its the most wonderful time of the year… March Madness just finished, the Stanley Cup playoffs are starting, and the NBA playoffs are just a few days away. As well, Major League Baseball got underway last week… sports fans are in heaven (and their spouses either join them in cheering or in working in the garden… if it doesn’t snow or rain!)

As a Canadian, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the most important of the many sports events happening and so, here are my picks.

In the Eastern Conference, as much as I love the fact the Toronto Maple Leafs have qualified for the playoffs, Washington will dispose of them, probably quite quickly. Caps in 5.

The reigning Stanley Cup Champion Penguins will get a battle from John Tortorella’s Blue Jackets, but will take them out in 6 or 7. Meanwhile, the original six matchup of the Rangers and Canadians will be a tough series, and I am picking Carey Price to outduel Henrik Lundquist. Habs in 7. Finally, Ottawa and Boston is another tough series to call. I choose the Sens in 7, but not with much confidence.

Washington will finally get over the hump (so to speak), defeating Pittsburgh in 7 games in the next round while Montreal will have a much easier time with Ottawa (or Boston), though it could go the full seven games also. Washington will fall short of getting to the Stanley Cup Final, however, as they run into Carey Price and Montreal wins the East in 6 games.

In the Western Conference, though it is great to have both Alberta teams in the playoffs again, neither the Oilers or Flames will be able to defeat San Jose or Anaheim. I pick the Sharks and Ducks in six games. Chicago will take care of Nashville, again likely in six games, and St Louis will dump Minnesota, though it may take them all seven games. The Sharks and Anaheim will be an tough series at every level and I think the Ducks may outlast the Sharks this year. Chicago will take care of St Louis, probably in five games and then manage to outlast the Ducks who will be exhausted in the end.

My pick is for Chicago to defeat Montreal in the Stanley Cup Final.

Note: My pick for a dark-horse team is the St. Louis Blues. If they get the goaltending from Jake Allen, this may be the year they finally put all the pieces together.



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