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Book Review – The Imperfect Disciple by Jared C Wilson

May 27, 2017

Jared C. Wilson admits there are already plenty of books on Christian discipleship available on the market and people of every denominational stripe argue for the best method and strategies for making disciples. However, as his subtitle (Grace for people who can`t get their act together) hints, this book is not a book of methods or one identifying a program to follow. Rather, with a dose of cynicism and a few jabs at well-intentioned ideas within Christianity, Wilson brings out various aspects of individual discipleship that are both insightful, non-programmatic, and challenging.

Some will not appreciate his cynicism, even sarcasm. In the beginning, it does come on quite strong, possibly too strong and negative for some readers. This reader appreciates the reality-check and honesty, and Wilson challenged my interpretations of some Scripture passages, and of discipleship. Likewise, he shares personal stories with rich vulnerability (eg. The time JI Packer made him cry) to illustrate his points. Regardless of your affection for his writing style, his slightly different approach to describing discipleship contains insightful ideas that can be applied by any Christian personally, They can also be carried into a group context, though this is not the primary goal. Having said that, Wilson affirms strongly the need for Christian community and the categorical impossibility of a “not-part-of-a-church Christian.”

A thought-provoking and inspiring Gospel-centered book on discipleship for every Christian to read, especially pastors and other church leaders.

Note: This book was provided by Baker Books in exchange for an unbiased review.

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