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A Playlist for Christian Singles

June 13, 2017

Are you tired of singing love songs to Jesus?

Whether you are married or not, the number of love songs to Jesus sung some Sundays in churches around North America is comical… if you can get past the annoyance.

However, there are other songs of devotion that are legitimate in discussing worship, love and Jesus. As a young man in my late 20’s and early 30’s, I would turn to a handful of songs to play on the CD (an era before ipods) when I was feeling the angst, frustration, disappointment or confusion (or all of the above) of being single in a society – and even in a Christian sub-culture – that glamorizes marriage and romantic love. These songs helped me focus on the Source of my true contentment, Jesus, and yet expressed the reality of the challenges facing as a single guy who desired a godly wife (I believe the challenges are similar for a single woman).

As you will notice, the songs below helped me (re) focus on Jesus and His perfect will and love being my focus, rather than singleness. It wasn’t always easy. There were some tears once in a while. Yet more than anything I desired Christ to be my desire and purpose for living.

So… here’s my Single Person’s Playlist (admittedly from the early 2000’s)

The Lord did bless me with my wife, Sarah, in 2007 and friends sang Lifesong at our wedding ceremony because just as I wanted my life as single to sing for Jesus, now that is our desire and focus as a married couple.

Here are a couple good articles on the topic of singleness and finding satisfaction in Christ:

I would be curious to know your single person’s playlist. Please share below…


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