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Book Review – Swipe Right

June 16, 2017

Although I did not initially connect the title Swipe Right with the subtitle (“The Life-and-Death Power of Sex and Romance”), Levi Lusko connects the two concepts clearly in the introduction. In doing so, he identifies the urgency of the topic for the millennials and Generation Z for whom sexual opportunities are just a swipe away in the digital age.

Lusko writes with an enjoyable mix of humor and sarcasm, though some of his cultural references may be lost on the reader depending on your vintage (ie I understood the Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarznegger joke relating to twins, but not a couple other “cultural references”). He explains the biblical texts with sanctified imagination while at the same time communicating the key principles and truths clearly and strongly. He is not shy in giving black-and-white warnings, yet speaks equal measures of grace and reality. It is enjoyable reading, biblically and theologically informed, and yet not without honest sharing of personal mistakes and pitfalls.

While his writing style is engaging, as a whole the book does not have a clear sequence or logical connection between topics. Furthermore, while there are plenty of strong warnings about the dangers of making poor friendship and sexual activity choices, and the strength and power of sexual connection is discussed appropriately for teenagers and young adults, it stays near the surface for the most part, a little lacking in depth.

Nonetheless, I recommend this book for teenagers or young adults because of its clear presentation of Scriptures sexual standards and the good, loving reasons for such boundaries. I believe they will enjoy reading it as much as this reviewer.

Note: This book was provided to the reviewer by the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.

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