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Book Review – One Dominion

June 19, 2017

WOW!One Dominion Cover

I am not a “coffee table book” guy. Why would you ever have a book sitting on a table so that every once in a while guests in your home can pick it up, look through it, read the tidbits of information, and then set it back down? If your home and conversation is so boring guests want to look at a book, just let them leave. (Plus right now we have three children under age 10 so a “coffee table book” is just another source of perpetual frustration for all parties!)

Thus, my first word! WOW! One Dominion is a coffee table book I am proud to own, proud to put on display in our home, and proud to have our guests look through before, during, or after we visit. In fact, it may lead to me more good conversations – about Canada, history, or faith.

One Dominion includes appropriate historical photos of key individuals and events in the history leading up to and including the beginning of Canada as a nation in 1867. Informative vignettes (short-stories) about different people – ranging from education and health care to social and environmental causes – discuss significant as well as lesser-known Canadians and their contribution to this country. The common thread throughout the accounts is the desire to see Psalm 72:8 lived out in the nation.

You don`t have to be a history buff, an amateur photographer, an avid reader or even a person of faith to appreciate this wonderful book celebrating Canada on the occasion of its 150th birthday. I recommend this book for your coffee table… and I`ll be glad to chat about it with you as we visit!

One Dominion is available through Bible League Canada at, and authors Paul Richardson and Bob Beasley are available for interview.

One Dominion-Celebrating Canada-Prepared for a Purpose
Authors:  Paul Richardson and Bob Beasley | ISBN: 9780995039889
Retail: $29.99 CAN | Pages: 96 |  Size: 12×10 inches | Full-colour

Note: Graf-Martin publishers provided the reviewer with a free copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review.


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