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A Prayer for Graduates

June 27, 2017

I confess, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the well-meaning, sincere, but somewhat shallow and comfort-seeking prayers we offer for young people today. If you read Tim Elmore’s articles on parenting this generation, the content of the prayers is not too surprising, really.

Admittedly, I have and probably continue to pray many of these types of prayers myself. After reading Susie Larson’s Your Powerful Prayers and Mark Batterson’s The Circle Maker, I have been working continually on being more bold and deliberate in my conversations with God, realizing Who He Is and what He has already done for me as His child, and for all who belong to Christ.

high school grad pic

So with those concerns in mind, I offer this prayer for those graduating from high school and entering into “adult life.” Whether they are going on to post-secondary education or to work for a while before further education, here is my prayer:

O Gracious Heavenly Father, as we commit these high school graduates to you today.
We ask that you would:

  • Slam the doors shut on every opportunity that is not your best. Doors may open that seem good, right or “biblical,” yet if it’s not Your best plan for them, close the door tight we pray.
  • If there are relationships they enter that lead them into sin, we ask in Your mercy to help them see the danger coming and flee. When there are relationships that distract them from you, keep their eyes fixed on You. Stop them, we pray, from beginning friendships that do not help them grow in understanding your world, your heart to see people’s lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ, or that hinder them in any way from following Your good and perfect will.
  • Put them in work (or study) situations where they rely on your strength and your wisdom. Help them to gain work not to make money, to gain fame, or to be “successful,” but to spread the glory of Your Name and share Your grace in whatever context they work.
  • Make them so dangerously impactful for Your Kingdom that they remain in the enemy’s cross-hairs and on his “most wanted list.” Then gird them with all spiritual armor you have provided so they may continue to stand strong in You and Your Word. Give them lots of prayer warriors who will continually uphold them in prayer as they battle.
  • Lord Jesus, you have already provided all the resources they need to be more than conquerors, in and through whatever challenges You allow to come their way in life. Help them to remember that the One who lives in them is greater than the enemy.
  • We pray that you would help them to have bold faith, while recognizing when they are moving impulsively or foolishly. We ask you to give them great discernment to know when to take a leap of faith, and when to walk the slow and steady road of faithfulness. Give them much wisdom to realize the wise counselors you give to them along the way, but never let them be slow to follow You because they are seeking to please friends, family or close advisors.

We ask these mercies in the name of name of Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Savior of the world, who have gained us access to the very throne of Almighty God and has given each of these young people His Holy Spirit to lead and guide them into the future.




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  1. Wendy Ibbotson permalink

    Awesome…thanks for the encouragement as I do a prayer retreat this 48 hours. Mom.

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