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Tracking your Success!

July 21, 2017

Do you know some really goal-oriented people?


The kind of person that make annual goals for the start of the year, maybe multiple goals in the various categories of life: career, finances, family, and personal goals? Maybe you are one of those people…

If so, you might have realized we are past the halfway point of the year (2017). If you have not done so already, you may want to review your goals and track the progress you are making. How you track your progress and how you make the rest of the year successful in light of that reflection can happen in various ways with different benefits.

Mid-Year Review

For many years, I have journaled regularly and then completed a mid-year review with extended reflection on the goals in each of areas. Sometimes during the course of those six months I would check the goals, but often, looking at them in late June was the first time I had reviewed the goals since they were first written in January. Often the mid-year review included couple “Oops!” moments as I realized I had not done anything on a few goals goals because they were long forgotten. So I put tasks on the to-do-list for the immediate future so they would not disappear again. The mid-year review also served as a reminder to keep persevering on other goals and often encouraged a few immediate actions towards accomplishing those goals. Of course, there were some goals that had already been successfully accomplished which gave a sense of satisfaction and some were in process of being accomplished.

Quarterly Goals

After listening to some goal-setting podcasts with Brian Buffini, I modified my goal setting this year to include a combination of annual goals (activities that are more regular scheduled) as well as quarterly goals in each category. While I still do a written mid-year review as before, I have been tracking progress toward the goals monthly, (often more frequently) identifying specific tasks completed each month and quarter.

One benefit of this method it that it has kept all the goals in front of me regularly. As a result, I have been more focused on the goals and the specific tasks to be done in order for them to be accomplished.

Additionally, because the goals are quarterly, it has helped them seem more manageable, to plan ahead, and also helped me to feel a constant sense of accomplishment, rather than just twice a year (mid-year and final review).

Finally, because I have these quarterly goals in front of me consistently, as opportunities have come up suddenly, I am able to make a quick decision knowing the opportunity aligns with my goals. For example, I had a goal of speaking at a camp (or similar setting) but by the end of June, nothing was scheduled. Then, as our family was at a Canada Day event, I was asked if I would be available to speak at the end of July since the planned speaker had just been forced to cancel. I was able to give a tentative yes and then check our family schedule when we returned home and work out the details over the next few weeks. A goal that was becoming a “try again next year” idea, now was feasible and made it a priority over other options.

Let me know how you track progress on your personal goals by leaving a comment below.

I have learned one of the most beneficial ways to track your progress is to make sure the goal-setting progress facilitates checking on their progress regularly. The way you set your goals determines how you will track their progress. And it may also determine how successful you are in achieving them!


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