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Book Review – Eyes to See from Compassion Canada

October 21, 2017

Eyes to See is a six-week (30 day) study helping the reader – or possibly a small group – to see poverty through the eyes of Christ. Online clips are available for viewing to accompany each week`s theme. Using stories from their global connections through Compassion, the study poignantly and effectively communicates various concepts relating to poverty, social justice, and the Church.

After a short reflection on the day’s topic, each chapter concludes with three Reflection questions, one Action step, and a prayer. Various days reflections include interaction with current literature relating to the topics. Likewise, when one is open to the challenge presented in the book, Spirit-led conviction is probable. Finally, the book does well in making the issues not just personal, but also finds ways for them to be applied in/for a local faith community.

I highly recommend this book for personal study and moreso for a small group study, whether in a home, adult education (eg. Sunday School) class as well as a youth or young adults curriculum.

Note: This book was provided to the reviewer in exchange for an unbiased review by Graf-Martin promotions through the Nuts About Books blog review program.


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