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2021 Writing Challenge – Intend

January 1, 2021

My friend, Krista Ewert, has issued a Writing Challenge for 2021 for blog writers. Cautiously, I have agreed to participate, and I trust other bloggers will join in.

Week #1 – Intend

For me, the word intend conjures up two key thoughts.

First, at the start of each year, I reflect over the past year… the blessings and challenges, successes and failures… and then set out my annual goals (ie what I intend to do) over the course of the next year. In recent years, I have found Brian Moran’s 12 Week Year strategy to be helpful in breaking annual goals into bite-size chunks that are measurable.

Meanwhile, a second perspective comes to mind when I think of what I intend to accomplish in the next year: God is in Control. The words of Proverbs 16:9 ring in my head:

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (New Living Translation)

Certainly the past year (2020) clearly demonstrated this truth. While we all had “plans” for 2020, many of those were significantly disrupted by the CoronaVirus pandemic. While it was frustrating, because of the restrictions, some of us spent more time on the truly important matters in life than planned. Many of us realized who the truly “essential” workers are in our world… nurses, grocery store staff, etc.

Some of my quarterly goals were accomplished as planned, and yet others just died a natural death because COVID19 dramatically changed activities as well as social interactions. Some of the goals even were accomplished in very different ways than I “intended” when they were originally written. For example, after attending a conference in February, I was not able to be physically present for some other presentations in the year, yet did get to participate in a discussion on Faith and Disability on The Common Theologian podcast.

This week, I will write down my SMART goals for 2021… what I intend to accomplish. Yet I am also continually learning to live one day at a time and watch God accomplishes what HE intends as he allows my life to intersect with A Greater Story.

Krista Ewert’s post on Intend

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