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The primary focus of this blog is to reflect on how various aspects of everyday life and experience connect with Leadership principles.

Marriage & Family Life
Although I’m no expert in these areas, I do teach a course by this title at Prairie Colleges and also see lots of lessons in this area of life that apply to leadership. I am blessed with the most amazing and beautiful wife in the world, Sarah, and God has given us three children: Caleb, Rachel and Anna as well as “adopted daughters,” our various international students.

Specifically post-secondary education – I served full-time on the faculty of Prairie Colleges from 1996-2007. From July 2007-September 2012 I had the privilege of serving as Christian Education Co-ordinator for Prairie Christian Academy. Currently, I am serving as Provost for a new fully online Missional University. Along with my teaching and educational administration experiences, I also serve as an elder at the Prairie Tabernacle Congregation, serve on other non-profit boards, and speak regularly.

Having being born with a physical disability, I have recently started exploring and sharing about living with a disability.

You will find various Book Reviews on this site as I participate in various publishers Blog Review programs.

Finally, I am an avid sports fan, especially hockey, and so I often try to connect sports and leadership. I also write weekly reports for the Three Hills Thrashers Junior B Hockey team in our local newspaper.

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